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Staff was exceptionally helpful and pleasant. Safety was paramount but loads of fun and education. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys any element of high performance driving or automobiles. Two of the best days of my life!

David P.

Atlanta, GA

1st time ride along on a track and it was a great, comfortable and safe experience. Great to talk with the driver as well to learn about engine response and steering.

Thomas B.

Alpharetta, GA

I have always been a fan of racing but never had the chance to be on a race track. I cannot describe how thrilling it was to be on track with other cars, feeling the forces in the turns and hearing the engine scream as we blasted down the straights.

Evan M.

Decatur, GA

Wow! What a terrific experience. Acceleration and cornering were unbelievable.

Mark N.

Cumming, GA

Extreme rush every second.

Brian P.

Johns Creek, GA

Being on any track is a great experience. Being on Road Atlanta in a Corvette with an experienced driver makes it even better. Everyone needs to do this more than once.

David D.

Alpharetta, GA

The Ride-Along experience with Azul Motorsports was exciting to say the least. The driver’s confidence allowed me to feel as if we were on the edge of the performance curve. Bucket list item, done.

Jim H.

Atlanta, GA

This was an ‘ah’ mazing experience. I have loved to race and go fast, but I can’t do it on the highway! Luckily I found Chris with Azul Motorsports and was able to live the dream!

Chantel T.

Atlanta, GA

Great experience. Much different in the car than watching on T.V. Increased appreciation to what a professional driver does in the car.

David D.

Alpharetta, GA

A great experience of riding in a quick car and driver on one of the most famous circuits in America.

Stefan R.

Sheffield, South Yorkshire (England)

The Corvette is an absolutely beautiful piece of machinery, it was incredible feeling the g-forces push me back into my seat as we whipped through the turns. I got out of the car and the only word that could come out of my mouth was, “Awesome!”

Doc S.

Atlanta, GA

I loved the experience! It was the most fun I have had in a while. I look forward to helping grow the brand.

Ian H.

Atlanta, GA

Wow doesn’t begin to describe the experience on track! So this is what speed feels like!

Rich C.

Atlanta, GA

I love extreme sports and this experience is a must. Gets the blood flowing yet makes you feel in a very safe environment.

Albert A.

Atlanta, GA

This was a great way to experience the track from a racer’s perspective.

Gert O.

Atlanta, GA

It was an exhilarating experience! A great and safe way to enjoy being on the race track.

Sheenfar F.

Suwanee, GA

Fun, safe, and very entertaining.

Tunc K.

Atlanta, GA

At first, I did not know what to expect, but zooming through the track and maneuvering on tight curves on a real race track was an experience that is hard to forget.  Even cooler was when a video of the race complete with a dashboard of race metrics like time and speed was shared.  Azul Motorsports has an inside grip on a cool and memorable experience that is well worth it.

George J.

Atlanta, GA

I had a great time at the track!  It was my first time in a 2015 Corvette so that alone was awesome. I have never flown in a fighter jet but in my mind the laps with Azul Motorsports is what it must feel like. Putting on the headgear with the in helmet  speakers so we could communicate with the driver was a nice touch. Getting up to 140 mph and then hitting the high performance breaks to get us down to 70 mph to take the curves makes you feel like a “Top Gun” pilot . I simply had a blast!

Jay A.

Hiram, GA

I had an awesome experience. This was my first time in a race car and not only enjoyed my time, but also appreciated that I was given excellent instruction.

Ellen R.

Atlanta, GA

Oh. My. GOD!

Ali E.

Marrietta, GA

It went from courteous and friendly to my head being pinned back in the seat on the track. Great experience!

Danny R.

Roswell, GA

Very nice people; made this a very enjoyable experience for me. They made sure that you were properly prepared for a wonderful track experience.

Norman M.

Roswell, GA

Chris and Co. did a great job in making my first experience at Road Atlanta fun and enjoyable!

Joey C.

Maretta, GA

Exhilarating! It’s really great to ride along with experienced drivers in their element, and Chris is certainly in his element driving the Vette.

Todd D.

Athens, GA

The entire afternoon was just fantastic. The ride along on the track was simply phenomenal. The car, the speed, the driver, everything was just WOW! I was very impressed with Chris’s driving skills and how calm he was. I did not expect to feel so safe at such speed but with Chris driving I was not the least worried. It was a fabulous experience I can only highly recommend.

Christine D.

Athens, GA

Perfectly delightful!

Rich H.

Atlanta, GA

It was exhilarating; much more exciting than I expected. I definitely screamed!

Ale A.

Atlanta, GA

Excellent! The thrill and excitement of a real race car on a real track.

James M.

Atlanta, GA

Chris and Silvana are both extremely friendly and approachable, and truly offer a fulling track day experience.

Chris B.

Atlanta, GA

I had such an amazing time driving Azul’s cars. They provided a great and comfortable environment throughout the whole event.

Caleb P.

Atlanta, GA

What a blast! TV can never capture the experience. You have to be in the cockpit to appreciate the G-forces, the power, and the skill required to quickly negotiate a challenging road course. When can I go again?!

Ken S.

Lawrenceville, GA

I LOVED the ride today! It was my very first time and it was much better than I imagined it would be. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

Noke B.

Alpharetta, GA

It was amazing! Incredible experience. Puts any other ride to shame!

Holly F.

Suwanee, GA

The most fun I have had in a car. It gave me a whole new perspective on racing and just how much skill it takes to drive fast.

Luke C.

Norcross, GA

Super fast and a lot of fun!

Ashley R.

Atlanta, GA

The track experience is very cool and different from any other afternoon excursion! The driver is a knowledgeable and safe driver. I would recommend the ride-along to anyone looking for a new perspective on driving!

Jeff K.

Atlanta, GA

This was an amazing first experience for me. The instructor did an amazing job driving and making the entire ride memorable.

Tony R.

Sugar Hill, GA

What a great day! Chris is an amazing driver and really gives you an unforgettable experience. Will definitely be back!

Jason T.

Alpharetta, GA

The driving tour was a great experience and the instructors catered to any possible needs before, during, and after the drive. Everyone was first-class and made the drive as enjoyable as possible.

Cam M.

Atlanta, GA

From being somewhat skeptical as to the experience, I had an awesome time! Chris and the Azul team hosted a great event for us and I highly recommend them.

Jamie H.

Atlanta, GA

This was an awesome, thrilling experience that is forever memorable. Chris is a very skilled driver and instructor who adjusts your ride along to meet your comfort level.

Char R.

Atlanta, GA

Great experience. I would recommend for anyone. Great learning for someone to understand just how far you can push a car and keep control.

Kent J.

Atlanta, GA

Amazing experience. I wish I could drive like that everyday.

Erin J.

Atlanta, GA

Fast and surprising! The experience was thrilling like a rocket ship. The experience of the driver made it more impactful.

Jacob C.

Atlanta, GA

This was a great experience – a lot more fun than I was expecting!

Laureen P.

Cumming, GA

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